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Escape Room ("Pyrotechnic Peril")
5-14-16 10:00 am - TBA
Southern DE Socializers

Due to higher demand than available supply for this activity, I am setting up a second meetup for those who wish to participate in the 7pm Escape Room event on Friday, May 6th (Pyrotechnic Peril). **Please purchase your ticket through...

Escape Room ("Wrong Place, Wrong Time")
5-14-16 10:00 am - TBA
Southern DE Socializers

UPDATE: It looks like we're sold out for Wrong Place, Wrong Time @ 7:30pm! As such, please weigh in with your interest below in the comments regarding also organizing a group for Pyrotechnic Peril @ 7pm and we can get a group together for that...

Sweat Lodge
5-14-16 10:00 am - TBA
Urban Shaman East

In a traditional sweat lodge a medicine person who has been trained and authorized in a certain tradition brings hot stones into the lodge in order to help people to release emotional toxins and to pray. A sweat lodge was the traditional form of...

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